Monday, August 30, 2010

Thoughts From An INTJ

Thinkers run the world. Thinkers call the shots. It’s always been that way throughout history. It’s meant to be that way. It can’t be any other way. But knowing this fact and dealing with it means coming to grips with the inherent weaknesses of human leadership. It will always be that those who make the decisions struggle to understand the ones they make decisions FOR.

Has it really taken me 22 years and a college degree to learn this one fact, that humans aren’t robots? Feelings aren’t weaknesses. They aren’t diseased outgrowths of human evolution that need to be transcended, as some later, post-Wittgenstein Analytics would have it.

A warning to all foolish thinkers out there; future decision-makers and scientists alike. You have been born with a terrible deficit in your humanity. You have been born with the inability to speak a language that the rest of the world are fluent in. You have been born with the inability to speak the language of emotions, and until you come to terms with that, you will be distant, lonely, misunderstood, and inept at living. You pride yourself in understanding with effective clarity the language of logic? You pride yourself in cutting through the BS of emotions, in order to make the right logical decisions? Don’t be an idiot. There are depths of logic and understanding that you will never understand if all you know are propositions, conditionals, conjunctions, and disjunctions.

Your language isn’t better than the language of the poets. It is primitive. It is rudimentary, building blocks of REAL language. You are speaking binary code and assembly when the rest of the world is communicating on AIM and Gchat. Your language is the equivalent of the grunts and brutish gestures of cavemen.

It's been almost a year since I wrote these words into another journal that I own. To me now, what matters now more than reason or emotions is will.

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